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Extra/Ordinary Small Business

Feb 18, 2019

Have you ever attended a sporting event where one lucky spectator has the chance to win a car if he or she could bank a half-court shot? Have you ever gone to a charity event where you could win $25,000 if you sink a hole in one?  What you may not realize is adding this type of contest to an event isn’t as risky as it sounds.  All it takes is a special type of event insurance.  That’s the basis of what Interactive Promotions Group (and its flagship US Hole in One) does.  
This story is a unique one in many ways - it technically operates as a traditional brick and mortar, but most of its business is brought in via the internet.  This business is also the type of business, based on its very impressive performance, that typically attracts investors, capital, and even buyout offers.  What is so refreshing to me about Greg Esterhai’s story is that, while all of that has been available to them, they choose to continue to wholly own and operate the business. We learned a lot about niche operations, business partnership and having conviction and vision that helps you achieve your goals.
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