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Extra/Ordinary Small Business

Feb 5, 2019

Insurance.  We all need it…. Few understand it.  Do I have enough?  Is every circumstance covered?  Am I going to end up one of those horror stories where I was underinsured in a crisis?  For most busy people, there simply isn’t enough time to do the hours of research it takes to become intimately versed on insurance needs.  Most of us would see the value in buying our insurance from someone we know and trust.  That is how Steve Gannon has built his business.  In an industry that took to the internet ahead of many industries, Steve has placed emphasis on customer service and quality.  We sat down with Steve to hear his story, from his entry into the industry from college to his startup years, to growing his employee base and becoming an award-winning firm.  This isn’t a story about insurance so much as it is a story about building a business that has a strong foundation.
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