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Extra/Ordinary Small Business

Aug 6, 2020

It is dizzying to think about the way the internet has shaped, and reshaped, the way we do business, make money, and lead our lives. One of the more interesting aspects of e-commerce is the ability to be really successful and profitable in niche businesses. Ben Scrivens was a horror movie enthusiast from an early age. Age 4 to be exact. Little did he know that this hobby, combined with his creativity and ability to wield a little bit of coding, would help him to create one of the premier destinations for horror genre fans on the internet.  
Ben started in 2003 with one idea for a t-shirt. Since then he has grown it from a one-person operation from the spare room of his apartment to a 7-person business operating out of the old morgue in Rochester, NY. The Fright-Rags story is a fantastic example of the success that can come from combining the power of the niche with the power of the internet.


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