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Extra/Ordinary Small Business

Jan 7, 2019

Coffee roaster David Waldman of Rojo’s Roastery joins us for a truly memorable conversation about what it takes to brew the best cup and make money doing it.  Once a red-haired touring musician, David’s nonlinear life is what has shaped him, and has shaped the truly unique culture of his company.  Learn the merits of delivering the highest quality product to the customer and the dividends that it pays.  David’s diverse background makes him the quintessential Renaissance man.  From professional musician to corporate attorney, to coffee roaster, David’s career has taken many twists and turns.  What’s so fascinating about Rojo’s Roastery is the fanatical group of regular clientele it has cultivated. We met up after a roasting shift at his Lambertville New Jersey cafe and we talked about everything from roasting in his basement to farming alongside the coffee growers in Ethiopia.   His mantra is “I’m either all in or I don’t waste my time” - and he isn’t kidding.
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